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Daryana + Ali

Daryana + Ali

Here is a beautiful set of photos of Daryna and Ali. I cannot think of any better place in San Diego to take formal wedding photos than Balboa Park. But I’ll be honest, when I hear the photos will be in Balboa, the artist in me thinks...

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Chloe: Modeling Swimsuits at Pacific Beach

Chloe: Modeling Swimsuits at Pacific Beach

  Here are a few photos I took this past Sunday of Chloe modeling swimsuits at Pacific Beach, San Diego. Chloe, visiting California for a few months, contacted me to get some lifestyle photos of her in the beach. She was not planning to stay here long so she only...

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What We Offer

I personally shoot every wedding; I do not overbook and have lesser experienced photographers show up. You know what you are getting, my years of experience, tenacious preparation, expertise in difficult lighting situations and ability to adapt to last minute changes.
I offer my clients an incredible range of products, from quality engagement sign-in books all the way to exquisite matted weddings albums.
Whether you hire me alone or decide to have a second shooter assist me, I guarantee you that we will conduct ourselves professionally and ensure YOUR wedding day is about you and not about a pushy overzealous photographer.

Most Popular Collections

  • Collection III 15% 15%
  • Collection II 25% 25%
  • Customized Collection 50% 50%
What is your style (e.g. traditional, photojournalistic, creative)?
My style is my own. I combine a delicate mix of photojournalism, traditional, and depending on the venue and personalities of our clients, I will also use subtle fashion and fine-art styles. Take a look at my website and judge for yourself. If you like what you see I’m a good choice for you.
Do you provide retouching, color adjustment or other corrective services?
Yes. All packages include a basic retouching process which corrects lighting, contrast and color. The photos selected for the album are given higher attention to detail. Click here to see my blog article on enhancing and editing.
What if I have more questions?
See my main website for more, call or text me at 619.333.0099 or use the contact above.

“I highly recommend IMA FOTO to anyone with discriminating taste, even if he is a bit out of your budget, believe me it’s worth it!”

~ Mindy

“Manny did an amazing job capturing all the little details and I love love the photos with me and Tom. I am sure that I will treasure these photos for the rest of my life.”

~ Deb

“If you are looking for a great photographer, then Manny is your guy! He is super kind and has great pricing!!… We ordered an amazing album and we also got a disk with all the pictures, and they turned out AMAZING!!”

~ Sarah

“I love the way he captured my wife… she truly looked like she modeled for a bridal magazine…”

~ Christian

Our Work Flow

Step 1

I provide a realistic sample timeline to ensure a stress free wedding day, well almost stress free. In the coming months we will stay in contact until you have a finalized schedule.

Step 2

I contact my associates a few weeks before wedding to ensure they are still committed. In the week of, I inspect the equipment, prep and pack lighting gear.

Step 3

Day of wedding I arrive early to evaluate the light, and then choose the appropriate equipment. End of day, I make three backups including a fourth to the cloud in case of a catastrophe.





I am the owner and principal photographer, I shoot all weddings that I book, Gabriel, Crystal, and others not listed here assist when needed.



2nd Shooter

Ever heard of a Jack-Of-All-Trades, well Gabe is the Master-of-All-Trades. Be it art, metalworking, master carpentry, photography, or Jeopardy, if he wants to do something, he basically takes it to the next level. He is a very handy brother to have around!



2nd Shooter

After years of being in front of the camera, Crystal recently took more an interest in being the person behind the camera. Great at capturing flowers, rings, details, and candid’s, Crystal looks forward to gaining more experience in other aspects of wedding photography.




Sid is no longer active with IMA|foto since he moved up north.  Now he spends his time working a 9-5 and shoots on weekends when he can.

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